Dependency Injection in Android with Dagger 2

Google drives developers to produce scalable and modular code with Android Architecture components. Dagger 2 takes it much further, creating a single repository where all your classes are initialized so that every Activity, Fragment, ViewModel and Repository is free from initializing the classes they are dependent on. Dagger 2 uses Dependency Injection to create scalable, … Continue reading Dependency Injection in Android with Dagger 2

Improvement Over Android’s Background Processing.

Problems that aroused, since the "Oreo released" - Whenever we developers needed to execute a long-running operation in the background, we would choose one of the following options : a) ThreadPools b) RxJava / Coroutinesc) ForegroundService d) JobSchedulere) Alarm Manager + Broadcast receivers Above options are helpful but sometimes put us in certain situations to … Continue reading Improvement Over Android’s Background Processing.

ObjectBox: Alternative to SQLite for android

Content posted here with the permission of the author Krishnakant Kumar, who is currently employed at Josh Software. Original post available here How many times do we need to write CRUD operation while building android application? Many times right? For me its like daily job. Till now I used to use sqlite database. But when I … Continue reading ObjectBox: Alternative to SQLite for android