Musings on cache-money – Part I

So, I always wanted to find a way of memcaching via ActiveRecord, without having to re-invent the wheel 😉 My investigations initially took me via CachedModel, cache_fu and finally I settled on cache-money. Seems to be *almost exactly* what I wanted - any lookup goes via memcache, any update /edit goes via ActiveRecord + memcache … Continue reading Musings on cache-money – Part I

4 steps to install nginx with passenger

Install passenger program that will run your rails application1. sudo gem install passengerInstall nginx server with passenger enabled2. passenger-install-nginx-moduleit will open apt, click "Enter" to continethen select option 1 for default installthen it will askWhere do you want to install Nginx to?Please specify a prefix directory [/opt/nginx]:press enterthen copy following block server {listen 80;server_name;rootContinue reading 4 steps to install nginx with passenger

Phusion Passenger on Nginx – Internal Overview

So, working with nginx and passenger has been really simplified. There is an excellent screen cast about how exactly how to get it working. ( What I was really interested in finding out was, what happens under covers. It turns out that this is the core of what passenger does is irrespective of whether its … Continue reading Phusion Passenger on Nginx – Internal Overview