High Performance Rails Hosting

There are lot of rails hosting, like wired tree,…,
i am still in search of cost effective and high performance hosting.

recently i came across with joyent rails hosting, please let me know your opinions..

Scale on Demand

Your rails infrastructure can be dynamically expanded or reduced within minutes.

Support Billions of Hits

The largest ruby on rails application running on Joyent does over 1 Billion page views a month. Joyent’s hardware load balancers make this kind of scale possible.
Ruby 1.8.6, Rails 2.1, Mongrel, Nginx

Everything you need to get rolling is pre-installed, including Ruby 1.8.6 and Rails 2.1, Apache, lighttpd, nginx and Mongrel.

Extremely Cost Effective

Static IPs, real storage, 10TB data transfer / bandwidth, and fantastic support all included.
Lightning Fast Speed

We provide direct connections to tier 1 internet back-bones, Force10 switches and f5 BigIP load-balancers.

Trusted by Companies like LinkedIn

Check out their post
Official Ruby on Rails Host

We’re the Official Ruby on Rails host. Go check it out at rubyonrails.org. “If you need hosting, Joyent is the official Ruby on Rails host, offering fantastic plans with a knowledgeable staff. Whether you need shared or dedicated hosting, these guys are experts in Ruby on Rails. “
Leverage a Large Community

Over 2,400 companies run Rails applications on Joyent. You gain from our experience hosting them and you can connect directly with them through the Joyent Forums and the Joyent Wiki

Entirely Open Loving Cloud

Joyent offers open protocols, open source solutions. Use any Language, any DB. You can move your application. No vendor lock-in.

please, help me……:(

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