Deficiencies in Indian Technical Education Schools and Colleges

Being in Pune – the student Mecca of India, I get to interact a lot with students – especially freshers or students in their final semester. These are the enthusiatic new kids on the block who want to make a difference. Unfortunately  there are a couple of things which are not taught in schools:

  1. Interview Skills
  2. Presentation Skills: verbal and written.
  3. Management Skills
  4. Entrepreneur Skills

Though it seems a little too far fetched to teach these in technical schools but its common sense that the ‘First impression is the last imrpresion’. I am going to feature a few blogs here 10 minutes that you your dream job – a talk that I had given in Pune at Naralkar Institute, Entrepreneurship in schools – one that I would like to see get implemented. There are tons of help on Presentation skills and management skills, so I am not going to harp on them !

All the best!

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