Understanding and creating radinat extensions

Understanding and creating radinat extensionsTo start with, first of all lets know what is radiant and why to use it ?Radiant is a open source content management system designed that serves cms needs forsmall organisationsCreating new radint application

radiant -d mysql cms
create INSTALL
create LICENSE
create README
create config
create config/environments

Radiant supports extensions. It means one can add extra features to radiant based cms toadd extra capabilities.Extension directory structure is almost similar to any standard rails applicationRadiant Extension Directory structure

|-- app
|-- controllers
|-- helpers
|-- models
|-- views
|-- db
|-- migrate
|-- seeds.rb
|-- lib
|-- spec
|-- controllers
|-- helpers
|-- models
|-- spec.opts
|-- spec_helper
|-- views

Creating radiant extensionradiant has generators to create new radint extensionscript/generate extension ExtensionNameLets create session management extension for radint cmsIt will create directory structure for extension.

script/generate extension session_management

create vendor/extensions/session_management/app/controllers
create vendor/extensions/session_management/app/helpers
create vendor/extensions/session_management/app/models
create vendor/extensions/session_management/app/views
create vendor/extensions/session_management/db/migrate
create vendor/extensions/session_management/lib/tasks
create vendor/extensions/session_management/README
create vendor/extensions/session_management/session_management_extension.rb
create vendor/extensions/session_management/spec/controllers
create vendor/extensions/session_management/spec/models
create vendor/extensions/session_management/spec/views
create vendor/extensions/session_management/spec/helpers
create vendor/extensions/session_management/features/support
create vendor/extensions/session_management/features/step_definitions/admin
create vendor/extensions/session_management/Rakefile
create vendor/extensions/session_management/spec/spec_helper.rb
create vendor/extensions/session_management/spec/spec.opts
create vendor/extensions/session_management/cucumber.yml
create vendor/extensions/session_management/features/support/env.rb
create vendor/extensions/session_management/features/support/paths.rb

Edit session_management_extension.rb where extension version, description andwebsite url can be added.

# require_dependency 'application_controller'
class SessionManagementExtension < Radiant::Extension
version "1.0"
description "Describe your extension here"
url "http://yourwebsite.com/session_management"
# define_routes do |map|
# map.namespace :admin, :member => { :remove => :get } do |admin|
# admin.resources :session_management
# end
# end
def activate
# admin.tabs.add "Session Management", "/admin/session_management", :after =>
"Layouts", :visibility => [:all]
def deactivate
# admin.tabs.remove "Session Management"

In activate block, specify what are the library files , modules that needs to be activated whileapplication starts.In my case, activate method looks like below..

def activate
# admin.tabs.add "Session Management", "/admin/session_management", :after =>
"Layouts", :visibility => [:all]
ApplicationController.send(:include, SessionManagementExt::ApplicationControllerExt)

Generating models and controllers.

script/generate extension_model session_management session_info
session_id:string url:string ip:string

In above command first attribute is the extension name and next is model name and restspecifies attributes that needs to created.It will create

exists app/models/
exists spec/models/
create app/models/session_info.rb
create spec/models/session_info_spec.rb
exists db/migrate
create db/migrate/20091110075042_create_session_infos.rb

Generating controller

script/generate extension_controller session_management admin/session_managements

It will create an output

create app/controllers/admin
create app/helpers/admin
create app/views/admin/session_managements
create spec/controllers/admin
create spec/helpers/admin
create spec/views/admin/session_managements
create spec/controllers/admin/session_managements_controller_spec.rb
create spec/helpers/admin/session_managements_helper_spec.rb
create app/controllers/admin/session_managements_controller.rb
create app/helpers/admin/session_managements_helper.rb

Modify session managements controller for displaying sesssion infos tracked.We need before filter for every request that will capture session, ip and page urlso, we need to override behaviour of application controller to add before_filterWe have already added ApplicationControllerExt in activate of extension.

ApplicationController.send(:include, SessionManagementExt::ApplicationControllerExt)
Lets look into ApplicationControllerExt module.
module SessionManagementExt
module ApplicationControllerExt
def self.included(base)
base.class_eval do
before_filter :track_session
def track_session
#**"Hello from Session tracker !!!"**
#TODO: location track
# It can be delayed task
#sudo gem install geoip_city -- --with-geoip-dir=/opt/GeoIP
# require 'geoip_city'
# g = GeoIPCity::Database.new('/opt/GeoIP/share/GeoIP/GeoLiteCity.dat')
# res = g.look_up('')
# {:latitude=>-33.13330078125, :country_code3=>"ARG",
:longitude=>-64.3499984741211, :city=>"Río Cuarto", :country_name=>"Argentina",
:country_code=>"AR", :region=>"05"}
SessionInfo.create( :ip => request.remote_ip, :page_url =>
"http://#{request.env["HTTP_HOST"]}#{request.request_uri}", :session_id =>
request.session.session_id )

That’s allCreating rake task for extension modulehere is default genrated rake task for session management undervendor/extensions/session_management/lib/tasks/session_management_extension_tasks.rakeIt includes task to migrate database and update extension

namespace :radiant do
namespace :extensions do
namespace :session_management do
desc "Runs the migration of the Session Management extension"
task :migrate => :environment do
require 'radiant/extension_migrator'
desc "Copies public assets of the Session Management to the instance public/ directory."
task :update => :environment do
is_svn_or_dir = proc {|path| path =~ /\.svn/ || File.directory?(path) }
puts "Copying assets from SessionManagementExtension"
Dir[SessionManagementExtension.root + "/public/**/*"].reject(&is_svn_or_dir).each do
path = file.sub(SessionManagementExtension.root, '')
directory = File.dirname(path)
mkdir_p RAILS_ROOT + directory, :verbose => false
cp file, RAILS_ROOT + path, :verbose => false

Add as many custom tasks needed inside this file without changing default tasks.Migrate all radiant extensions

rake db:migrate:extensions

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