Pune Rails Meetup#3 ideas?

At Josh, We did some brainstorming and came up with some ideas that our team suggested would be good learning topics at Rails meetup.
To put that into effect, we hope to raise the bar for Pune Rails Meetup#3 and take some technical sessions ( basic and advanced). People are expected to come with their laptops configured with Rails.
Please add comments to this post with a list of topics if you are interested in learning about something in Ruby or in Rails! We need to shortlist these topics and we need feedback. We then need to finalize the comprehensive topic list – maybe get some voting on the topics from Rubyists.


1. Ruby meta-programing (advanced)
2. Regular Expressions in Ruby (basic)
3. forking using spork (advanced)
4. Ruby threads (basic)


1. polymorphic associations & STI (basic)
2. writing a rails plugin (advanced)
3. Social networking connects – authentication & sharing via openIDs (basic)
4. DelayedJob  (basic)
5. Ruby event machine / nanite / RabbitMQ (advanced)
6. Deployment in the cloud (advanced)

Hosting the event

1. We can pool in some funds (or get some sponsors) and host this event at PYC, deccan. If there is some company or venue that can host this event, please contact us.

16 thoughts on “Pune Rails Meetup#3 ideas?

  1. How about introduction to Rails 3?.. looks like it will be out pretty soon. Also, let me know if I can help in any way.

  2. How about organizing a 3 hour hack/code fest to go along with the technical sessions? Teams of 3 people each and prizes for the best application? A couple of ideas:

    Amazon S3 based file storage service
    Creating a Rails application within 3 hours from scratch that has basic user signup and allows people to upload their photos/music to S3 for storage.

    App to manage large email contact lists
    Creating an app that allows upload of a CSV (Name, Email-ID) and a CRUD interface around it that is especially designed for large lists (5,000-50,000 rows)

    API to search/import/export data from the application.

    The apps are pretty simple really, but teams can be rated based on whether the problem has been solved the “Rails way”.

    I work at MangoSpring (http://mangospring.com/ce/mkt) and we would be open to hosting the hack fest as well as sponsoring prizes. Thoughts?

  3. I am very new to rails and no doubt I liked it.
    It will be great if you plan something for new comers.
    @Kumar: Jquery will be really helpful.

  4. I hope we could have a discussion on DSL’s in Ruby, on how to approach them and what is the best way start.
    Also Ruby Threads seems interesting.

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