WordPress blog software installation

WordPress is a open source software developed by and for community with ongoing development on it.

Easy installation, customizable, with lots of available plugins, themes and SEO friendly are the strengths of it!

Software is mainly serves the purpose of blogging, hosting static websites.

People with knowledge of php, javascipt and little knowledge of mysql db can customize it however they want.

Minimum server requirements

  1. PHP 4.3 or greater
  2. MySQL 4.1.2 or greater
  3. apache/ngnix ( or any web server supporting php & mysql )

For detailed information on installation click
Now you will need to decide where on your web site you’d like your blog to appear:

In the root directory of your web site. (For example, http://yoursite.com/)

In a subdirectory of your web site. (For example, http://yoursite.com/blog/

This can be done by adding new route at nginx configuration file or deploying wordpress

software inside blog directory of main website.

There are millions of satisfied users using word-press blog.
To create and start blogging with free wordpress.com blog click

WordPress MU multiblog software provides a way to create thousands of wordpress blogs
just like wordpress.com site does.

Download and detailed information on installation click

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