How To Set Up The Amazon RDS Instance Easily

This is a tale of problems faced when migrating and existing local PostGreSQL database to Amazon RDS.

Curious Reflections

While setting up Amazon RDS instance for a Ruby on Rails application, I followed simple Amazon RDS Setup Guide , but still why I ended up banging my head for long time before success.

So I proceed by following steps, Before that I want to share my Rails application stack which is

Rails 3.2.14
Ruby 1.9.3
PostgreSQL 9.1

Step 1:  Launch DB instances

This is the simplest step and pretty straight forward

  1. Go to and click Sign Up for Amazon RDS.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Here Point (2) is important => on-screen instruction , includes following key points

2. a) Selecting Database for a DB instance like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle etc – I selected PostgreSQL

2. b) Selecting DB version, Amazon offers only PostgreSQL 9.3 as of date – as obvious I selected PostgreSQL 9.3

2. c) Selecting Instance types  from various types according to our need. – I selected db.m1.medium

2. d) Setting…

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