How To Write Unit Tests In The Right Way!

Learn to write unit tests in such a way that when they fail, they can point you to the error and not just leave you in the dark!

rails learning

We all know what unit tests are and which gems we need to use for unit testing. Unit testing means testing a method in isolation. Unit tests are light weight and execute fast when compared to integration tests. You can write unit and integration tests either using rspec or minitest along with any mocking frameworks. Both frameworks have built-in support for mocking frameworks but in rspec they are extracted as a separate gem called rspec-mocks. Here are some pointers

Tests should help in debugging code.

We write tests to check whether we have covered all scenarios for our code. But we forgot to cross-check whether the test cases helps in debugging when an problem raises. Consider the following scenario

There are 4 kinds of users called as DSGadmin, Partner, Area Sales manager(ASM), Sales Manger(SM) working under same company(technically called as Distributor in my system) are there. Here is the requirement:

  • DSGadmin can see Partner…

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