How To Manage Images Within AWS S3. Without Re-processing

When you want to move images from one S3 bucket to another – do you bang your head against the wall? Even if you write a program to do that, does it take ages? Here is a neat and quick way to manage your images in AWS S3 without re-processing them!


Its common to upload & retrieve images from Amazon S3. We also use existing one’s to create modified versions. Similarly, once our client came up with a requirement that he needs to duplicate his data along with images & then user can modify the cloned data as needed.

Consider an example of a car where,

  • car has several models/variants such as base, standard, superior etc
  • each variant contains some features same as they are in previous variant
  • engineers create a base variant first & then using same data they can customize new variant & so on
  • so engineers gets the previous variants data as is & can update as needed.

This data contains a lot of high resolution images for “minor details” such as:

  • Exterior images as options available in body parts, bumpers, vinyls, graphics, rear bumpers, spoilers etc
  • Interior options available such as leather color, steering types, mounted controls…

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