Experience From A First Solo Trip!

Shifa, who works at our company used her company conference budget and made her first solo trip abroad to attend RubyConf 2015 in San Diego.
Here is her experience while travelling alone, the preparation, the craziness, the fear and overcoming it, realisations and finally elation!
A well written post that we hope inspires other women techies to travel far and have great experiences to share!

A life of freedom

The world is beautiful and full of wonders. And all those years of watching Discovery and NatGeo had only made me realize how badly I wanted to see it and experience it; all of it.


So, when I got the opportunity to attend a conference that was taking place in the other half of the world; I knew I wanted to go. But coming to a decision wasn’t easy and deliberation was needed. So I sought advice from parents, friends, colleagues and relatives. Now this might not have been the best idea, considering how few of these people had actually traveled solo before. Most conversations went like this:
Me : Hey! Guess what? I’m going to the US for a week to attend a conference!
Them : That’s awesome! Lucky you! Who all are going with you?
Me : Just me!
Them : Oh! *Thud* (Yeah, their faces just…

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