ImageMagick: Now Watermarking Images Has Been Easier!

Protecting your photos and images with watermarking using imagemagick is pretty cool. Aditya talks about watermarking images using text and images with various effects like composite, dissolve and watermark. Nice, comprehensive post! A good read.

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Watermarking images is a breeze with ImageMagick. ImageMagick is a very handy tool to manipulate images from the command-line. It is free and is available on all major platforms.You can use text or another image to watermark your images with ImageMagick. The ‘rmagick‘ gem is a Ruby library to interact with ImageMagick.

I recently had to watermark images in one of my Rails projects. This was pretty critical as some of the customers were using these images without paying for them. Images were generated using ‘pdf2image‘ and not uploaded by the client. So we had to do this with Ruby.

We wanted the watermark to occupy a large part of the image, look pleasant without actually becoming overbearing. We tried both alternatives text and image before choosing to watermark with the client’s logo.

There are many ways to watermark images with either text or another image using ImageMagick’s ‘convert’ tool and command…

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