Are your workers working?

Sidekiq workers, status checks and much more explained very neatly by Pramod.

Curious Reflections

Most of the Rails developers choose Sidekiq for background processing in their Rails applications and setup the Sidekiq workers to do the long running work in background.

But as a Rails developer have you ever wondered whether your workers are doing their job? Now question may pop up in your mind, How to know whether my background workers doing their job? No worries now you can do that easily with sidekiq-status gem, How? Lets see how …

Bit about sidekiq-status:

  • An extension to the sidekiq message processing to track your jobs.
  • sidekiq-status implemented sidekiq middleware and uses Redis underneath for storing statuses and meta information about jobs.
  • In latest release gem added some really cool features like more status types, Web UI enhancements  which makes it really cool to have in your projects for tracking background jobs.

Let’s setup sample worker:

To track job progress of worker add sidekiq-status gem to the Gemfile and after…

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