Confessions Of A First-time Speaker

Shweta shares her fears as a first time speakers at RubyConf India and talks about ways to overcome hurdles in open-source contribution. A good honest and straight from the heart post.

Learn with fun

This was second RubyConfIndia I attended and I was excited, happy and scared this time. Why? Because I was one of the speakers. I never thought that I would be able to stand in front of 500 people and deliver a talk. But I did it!

The journey started with Josh Software. In Josh, when you join the company, you are supposed to deliver a talk of 20 minutes internally and this is compulsory for everyone. 2 years ago when it was my turn to present talk, I realised that my greatest fear is public speaking! At that time I delivered talk for a topic that was not very interesting and I was very scared. It was then that I decided to overcome this fear. I had this fear primarily because English has not been my first language. Last year Anuja and I decided to give a lightning talk at RubyConfIndia to get some confidence of speaking on…

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