A Few Things About Rails Command Line Everyone Should Know

A good rake refresher!

Learning shall never stop..!!!

This is the blog post about few things in Rails command line that I hardly ever use.

rake notes

Left a comment like #FIXME or #TODO on a method, but never actually end up changing anything or fixing anything about the method. If this sounds familiar, then rake notes helps you avoid just that. It will find all the files with comments beginning with OPTIMIZE, FIXME, OPTIMIZE.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 12.49.47 pm

Also, we can add search for specific annotation, for ex: searching for just FIXME comments would be as simple as firing rake notes:fixme.

Also it lets us search for any custom annotation that we might be using in our code, rake notes:custom ANNOTATION=ADDTESTCASE

Read more about rake notes on the guides.

rails console –sandbox

If you wish to test some code, but you also want the data to be reverted back to original after you have tested the…

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