How You Can Draw Graphs Fast & Easily With SVG

So often we look for the simple way out. For example, to generate graphs, we search for the best possible libraries and make the front-end un-necessarily heavy. Sometimes, we need to think out of the box and can use SVG to create simple graphs.

Anuja talks exactly about how they used SVG to create simple line and bar charts in their light-weight mobile friendly application.

Fun To Learn

Do you want to draw a graph in HTML? Are you a backend developer and not a UI developer? How will you go with this? You will surely search for some available library to draw a graph even if graphs are simple. In our project, we also have simple bar and line graphs for weekly and monthly tracking respectively. Initially our UI team designed bar graphs. As is often the case, after few days there was a requirement of line graphs.

I was worried about timelines. We had an option to ask UI team to give us the static graph and integrate the API. But we would need to explain them the requirement in detail and the design. This process seem too time consuming. So I thought, that instead of wasting time in that, it would be better to work on this and learn something new. So I decided to work on this new…

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