First hustle at Ruby Rampage

Ruby Rampage Experience! Excellent read.

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Ruby Rampage brings about a challenge of building an application within the time span of 48 hours. A challenge that galvanized me into participation. It was my first experience. As the competition approached, my levels of excitement and anxiety kept scaling up.; not because I was creating an application for the first time, but it was the first time I had a tight time constraint to build an entire end-to-end application.

Questions like “What could be built?”, “Who should I team up with?” started storming in my head. Right when I was trying to figure out my ways, one of my colleagues approached me with an opportunity to be the fourth member in their existing group of three “Rampagers”.  There you go – problem-1 solved! Now, it was time to tackle problem-2; What should we develop?

During a gift exchange event in our office, the idea of GIFT GALORE had…

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