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Sending Multiple Push Notifications Simultaneously with Ionic framework

This post discusses how to send multiple push notifications simultaneously using the Ionic Framework. Continue reading

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How to create nested form using AngularJS

In a Rails application, when we need nested forms, we frequently use the ‘nested_form’ gem. However, we cannot use that when we are making an AngularJS + Rails app. To make nested forms using AngularJS, we need to write some specific code and in this … Continue reading

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Building web apps with Rails4 and AngularJS in 15 minutes

While learning AngularJS to make a single page app using Rails4, I found some good videos and blogs. However, I did not find any simple example for CRUD operations that made me easily understand the integration between Rails4 and AngularJS. … Continue reading

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Language independant translator using haml parser

Localization is usually necessary in every website. We wanted to add localization in an existing application with more than 100 pages! Now it would be crazyto go and change each view and add the unique keys in the .yml or … Continue reading

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Paperclip: validates_attachment_content_type always fails in IE 6 and 7 for jepg and png image

If you are using paperclip plugin for uploading images in your rails application and you are validating image format. Image format validation working in Firefox, safari but not in IE, even you are uploading image in correct format in IE … Continue reading

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CMYK format images not displaying properly in IE 7

I am using paperclip plugin in my application for  uploading images. But when I am uploading CMYK format image  then this format image not displaying in IE7 properly. after some search I got the following solution and it’s working. have … Continue reading

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