Android R, A Step towards privacy.

Android always has been cursed for its privacy issues. Before Marshmallow, android devices were like open and easy prey available to be hunted.An immense amount of user data has been leaked out without the user's understanding.Later, after the Marshmallow release, at least users were shown permissions of the apps they were using. Still, Users were … Continue reading Android R, A Step towards privacy.

CameraX, An Understanding Friend!

Every mobile developer has at least met with a requirement for a Custom Camera. That's where it all starts, from learning low level native code to actually understanding Camera API's and writing a lot of boilers camera configuration code for just adding some buttons for product branding. Even an experienced developer well known to Android's … Continue reading CameraX, An Understanding Friend!

Improvement Over Android’s Background Processing.

Problems that aroused, since the "Oreo released" - Whenever we developers needed to execute a long-running operation in the background, we would choose one of the following options : a) ThreadPools b) RxJava / Coroutinesc) ForegroundService d) JobSchedulere) Alarm Manager + Broadcast receivers Above options are helpful but sometimes put us in certain situations to … Continue reading Improvement Over Android’s Background Processing.