Ruby Through Rails – Part 1

(This has been reblogged from Sanjiv's Blog post) I am starting a series of blog posts where we can learn Ruby through Rails. We will take a deep dive into Rails source code and learn about how Rails works -- and learn a lot of Ruby constructs through that! Which command is more efficient - … Continue reading Ruby Through Rails – Part 1

How To Troubleshoot Turbolinks With Rails 4

Rails 4 comes with some exciting features like Turbolinks and Streaming. Turbolinks is one of most exciting feature which Rails 4 provides. It helps us increase the speed of loading Rails applications. Turbolinks is built using same concept as that of PJAX but unlike PJAX, it does not require custom response from web server. Turbolinks … Continue reading How To Troubleshoot Turbolinks With Rails 4