Payment Gateway testing using webmock

Testing the payment gateway involves lots of scenarios like what should happen if exception is raised while doing payment. To test this scenario we have to call payment gateway API and take response. But herein lies a problem. The test code you have written may work sometime and won't work another time. The reason behind … Continue reading Payment Gateway testing using webmock

Stubbing Geo-location requests using webmock

Geo-location integration is common today for every web application. We have gems on hand, to integrate Geo-location to our application. With few steps of configuration we can Geo-code our attributes ie., user addresses. But testing Geo-coding integration takes much more time than development! We currently use Google Map APIs for our work. If there are … Continue reading Stubbing Geo-location requests using webmock

Testing social networks using capybara, cucumber-rails, selenium

Integration of social networks is very common in every application. We have many gems are available for doing integration. But testing this social integration is complicated task. Using capybara with cucumber we can easily test this similar to the normal UI testing through capybara. Step 1: Set up default driver to selenium. Step 2: Generate … Continue reading Testing social networks using capybara, cucumber-rails, selenium