Pro tips for writing better rspec tests

Writing ‘good code’ is always a challenge for every project. Unfortunately, we always associate it with development and not tests. What about automation test code? Ever notice that you have write more automation code than the actual lines of development code?

Here are a few guidelines that I learned from my experience

Paypal payflow setup in rails

After long time of automation testing on rspec, recently I have started doing development. The initial task itself an interesting task – Paypal Payflow setup as a payment gateway for my rails application. Even though it took me three days to complete it :),  I finally I did it and this gave me feeling thatContinue reading “Paypal payflow setup in rails”

Upstart Scripts in Ubuntu

Upstart is an event based tool that handles starting of services during system booting and shut-down the services before system is shut down. It also monitors the services while they running. It was designed to overcome the limitations in system V and dependency based init systems. Limitations in existing systems They are not dynamic in nature.Continue reading “Upstart Scripts in Ubuntu”