Video encoding with and Rackspace Cloudfiles

We have been working with a couple of media centric web-portals which require video encoding, storage and streaming. Initial guidance and research showed us a couple of successful approaches: Heywatch! with Amazon S3 / Amazon CloudFront with S3 / Cloudfiles / Limelight CDN solution After some deliberation and talks we finally settled on … Continue reading Video encoding with and Rackspace Cloudfiles

Using Rackspace CloudFiles with paperclip

Thoughtbot (the makers of paperclip) have not yet integrated Rackspace CloudFiles into paperclip. CloufFiles is the Rackspace CDN storage (similar to S3 but with CDN support). CDN support is very critical when we are streaming large files like videos. Assumption: You know how paperclip works and have installed all paperclip pre-requisites like ImageMagick. Installation In the … Continue reading Using Rackspace CloudFiles with paperclip