Monitor Delayed Job in rails

>Delayed Job & Monit configuration We were struggling through how to monit delayed_job from past few months because monit doesn't work seamlessly with delayed_job start/stop commands and finally we got able to monit delayed_job. Here is our old configuration that wasn't working anyhow- After doing google & looking at stackoverflow, we found different solutions to … Continue reading Monitor Delayed Job in rails

Solution to DelayedJob(DJ) gem server start problem

Solution to DelayedJob(DJ) gem server start problem I had installed delayed_job gem 2.0.3, daemons gem but after staring DJ server it shows daemon started but actually process gets killed automatically.I performed steps given by Kevin on google group and it worked like charmHere are the steps:1) sudo gem sources -a http://gems.github.com2) sudo gem install alexvollmer-daemon-spawn3) … Continue reading Solution to DelayedJob(DJ) gem server start problem

Moving from backgrounDrb to DelayedJob

In my earlier post regarding DelayedJob setup I mentioned how to setup DelayedJob and create news tasks in your existing code. This post provides details of how to move from backgrounDrb to delayed_job. First of all its important to know why ? - BackgroundDrb takes in a lot of memory. It spawns worker at start-up. … Continue reading Moving from backgrounDrb to DelayedJob

Delayed_job for background processing in Rails

*update: delayed-job is now available on gemcutter* The first thing to do obviously is to install DelayedJob. There are plenty of forked versions available on git-hub. I chose collectiveidea beacuse it was recommend on railscasts. I did refer to this site extensively for setting up delayed_job. Job half done. I followed instructions on the github … Continue reading Delayed_job for background processing in Rails