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Monitor Delayed Job in rails

>Delayed Job & Monit configuration We were struggling through how to monit delayed_job from past few months because monit doesn’t work seamlessly with delayed_job start/stop commands and finally we got able to monit delayed_job. Here is our old configuration that … Continue reading

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DelayedJOb’s (DJ) fancy methods

Delayed Job provide send_later and send_at as instance methods along-with handle_asynchronously as class method

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Solution to DelayedJob(DJ) gem server start problem

Solution to DelayedJob(DJ) gem server start problem I had installed delayed_job gem 2.0.3, daemons gem but after staring DJ server it shows daemon started but actually process gets killed automatically.I performed steps given by Kevin on google group and it … Continue reading

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Introduction To Delayed Job

Check out this SlideShare Presentation: Introduction To Delayed Jobhttp://static.slidesharecdn.com/swf/ssplayer2.swf?doc=introtodelayedjob-091110110012-phpapp01&stripped_title=introduction-to-delayed-job&userName=jonathanjulian View more presentations from Jonathan Julian.

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Delayed Job changing job parameters in Rails

Delayed job variables initialization written on at collectiveidea/delayed_job doesn’t work. Here is the correct way of doing it as mentioned with tobi/delayed_job

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Moving from backgrounDrb to DelayedJob

In my earlier post regarding DelayedJob setup I mentioned how to setup DelayedJob and create news tasks in your existing code. This post provides details of how to move from backgrounDrb to delayed_job. First of all its important to know … Continue reading

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Delayed_job for background processing in Rails

*update: delayed-job is now available on gemcutter* The first thing to do obviously is to install DelayedJob. There are plenty of forked versions available on git-hub. I chose collectiveidea beacuse it was recommend on railscasts. I did refer to this … Continue reading

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