Data Race Detector in Golang

Content written by author Rahul Shewale, who is currently employed at Josh Software. As we know, Golang is a powerful programming language with built-in concurrency. We can concurrently execute a function with other functions by creating goroutine using go keyword. When multiple goroutines share data or variables, we can face hard to predict race conditions. … Continue reading Data Race Detector in Golang

Raspberry Pi with GOBOT (Golang) Part I

This all started with developing a simple software to support the robotic project. We had initially planned with Arduino and Gobot (A golang framework for robotics). After we tested some initial sample programs we realised that we can't run the program or a go binary as a service on Arduino. Because Arduino accepts only instructions … Continue reading Raspberry Pi with GOBOT (Golang) Part I

Using Golang with Artificial Intelligence service

Part 2 — In this article, we will try out their /tts service. In part 1 of this series we explored their /query service. Here, we will explore their/tts service which takes text and returns the generated speech (as an audio WAV file). I have created a folder “apiai” which will hold the Go source code “apiaifile.go”. … Continue reading Using Golang with Artificial Intelligence service