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How Do I Create A Presentation Using Go?

Download and Install Go It goes without saying that you need to have Go installed on your computer. Just for completeness, visit the Go project’s downloads page and select the binary distribution that matches your operating system and processor architecture. … Continue reading

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A Simple Go Web App on Heroku with MongoDB on MongoHQ

Go is an extremely clean and fun language to work with and has a bunch of handy, modular, well documented packages out of the box. We can easily build a small web app using pure Go for handler functions, the … Continue reading

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Does the next decade belong to Go?

If history is anything to go by it seems inevitable that a new language will dominate the next decade. A new language will also need to solve problems that matter to this expanded world and that the existing languages will be slow to provide (or find impossible to provide). Could that new language be Go? Continue reading

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