The Summit of Web conferences

Earlier this month, I had the privilege of speaking at Web Summit in Dublin and it was a truly amazing experience. I was in Dublin for precisely four days and I don’t remember having dinner! Apparently, Guinness is as good as a meal! Well, for a conference that saw more than 40,000 (yes – itContinue reading “The Summit of Web conferences”

Rails, ElasticSearch and Go – merry go round

It all starts with a Rails application – business as usual. In one particular situation, we need to upload some complex excel sheet and update ElasticSearch with over 10k entries. The initial code was written in Ruby and run via sidekiq jobs but was taking about 28minutes to update the index! This was a bottleContinue reading “Rails, ElasticSearch and Go – merry go round”

RISE of a new conference!

RISE was the first of Web Summit taking on Asia. Hong Kong is indeed an excellent place for conference of this scale. Over 5000 attendees and 500 different startup exhibiting their products is indeed a mind blowing experience. The scale of the event started with having a separate immigration counter at the airport for RiseconfContinue reading “RISE of a new conference!”