Let’s get ‘Go-ing’!

Content posted here with the permission of the author Tanya Saroha, who is currently employed at Josh Software. Original post available here

A second part can change the prequel. It can either ruin a good first impression by being too extravagant or polish it to a perfect shine. And Golang Girls 2019, the 2nd edition organized in Pune on 10th November is absolutely one more feather in the cap.

A large group of 80 individuals including attendees and coaches turned up. All of them had different experiences with programming but the same energy & enthusiasm to learn and share.


Everyone started assembling at Red Hat office in Pune early morning. The day started with a session by Priyanka, who had the most difficult job of getting attendees familiar with Golang syntax and terms very quickly. She took assistance of Go tour and made sure that everyone was Go-ing together. As soon as she was done with the basics, we threw a question at the audience — Why are you listening to us and learning Go?

And once everyone was in doubt, a very enthusiastic Gopher Gautam Regegave a very enlightening talk on evolution of programming, why Golang was written, why and where we should use it. He filled the audience with questions and everyone was just amazed. Once it became clear that people were excited about Go, the session was taken over by our main Coach Varsha along with Priyanka. They made the attendees dig deeper and deeper into the language and soon everyone was submerged inside Go packages, structs, maps, pointers and interfaces.

Here’s to the first decade that was full of achievements!

10 years ago on the same day, Golang was released as an open-source programming language and we totally wanted to use this opportunity to celebrate. There was a special anniversary cake which was cut by Satish Talim. The celebration was a pleasant surprise for everyone.

After the intermission

Once the food was taken, as we had anticipated — our gophers became a little inactive. It was important for them to regain the zeal before we proceeded further. We engaged them in super fun energizing game that got everyone to compete for amazing goodies. The game was so exciting and such a hit that everyone wanted to play it once more.

Once everyone was full of energy again, it was time to introduce them to the highlight of the day — They were going to build a serverless chat application in Go. One coach was assigned to a group of 5–6. Varsha briefed them about the concepts that they were going to use like GoRoutines and gRPC. And then there was no stopping. There were questions, doubts, struggling and learning. And everyone was able to finish building the chat application before time! All gophers were so amazed at themselves and the Go language.


But the best part was yet to come; We had planned a super fun quiz for the attendees. We would announce the questions and gophers would write the answer to us through the chat app they built! Whoever answered the question first got cool goodies. Sounds cool? Well, It was much more engaging and fun than it sounds. It made the day end on a really fun note!

We always look forward to contribute back to the Open source community in all ways possible and Golang Girls is now one of the many ways we do it. See you at the next Golang Girls!

If you missed the event and dont want to wait for the next Golang Girls to start learning Go then you can refer the following:

  1. Tour of GO-https://tour.golang.org/
  2. Build your own chat app with the help of TODOs-https://github.com/gautamrege/gochat

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