What I like about Rails3

This is NOT a post about differences between Rails 2.x and Rails 3 but these are some musings about what I love in Rails. A lot of goodies come ‘in the box’ (I hate saying out-of-the-box) with Rails3 and some of them have been there since early version of Rails but somehow less frequently usedContinue reading “What I like about Rails3”

Getting started with rails 3 & postgres database

>Rails 3 Installationsudo gem install rails -v3.0.4postgres as db installationbr/$ sudo apt-get install postgresqlRails 3 App with postgres as database$ rails new pg -d postgresbundle installationIt will install dependency gems & postgres adapter for db connectionbundle installHere by default ‘postgres’ database user gets created while installation but i recommend to create new db user withContinue reading “Getting started with rails 3 & postgres database”