WebSocket over Nginx

How often do you find that the awesome movie seats you have painstakingly chosen for yourself, is suddenly not available when you proceed to pay for it. “Damn it! Just missed!” you say. Wouldn’t it be  great to be guaranteed the seat you selected everytime! The problem with the above scenario (as is  with mostContinue reading “WebSocket over Nginx”

Real-time Games using HTML5, WebSockets, nodejs and socket.io

Ever imagined playing a game on the web by simply logging in – no local installation required, no licenses and you can continue from where you left off! Imagine multi-player games from your browser or phone – basically ‘gaming in the cloud’. Ok – that sounded pretty cliche 🙂 But its already here folks and fasterContinue reading “Real-time Games using HTML5, WebSockets, nodejs and socket.io”

Push notifications using express.js and socket.io

So we built a real-time bidding system! Why? Because one of our clients needed it. Our customer bridges the gap between vendors and customers. (Cannot reveal more specifics like the domain etc.) Customer requests an order and vendors bid for that order. Customer should be notified in real-time about any bids. Customer should be ableContinue reading “Push notifications using express.js and socket.io”