Get hand over VI / VIM editor

b   previous word
w next word
e end of word
0/^ begining of line
$ end of line
G end of file
1G/gg begining of file
/pattern search next
?pattern search previous
n repeat search forword ( i.e next occurence )
N repeat search backword
:line goto line specified

i insert mode
r replace mode
s delete character under cursor and eneter insert mode

x delete character under cursor
dd delete current line
line dd delete number of lines specified

yy copy current line
pp print copied contents
line yy copy number of lines specified


v enter visual mode
aw highlight word
as highlight sentence
ap highlight paragraph
ab highlight block

u undo
cntrl+r redo

cntrl+x enter completion mode
cntrl+p display autocomplete options

guu lowercase line
gUU uppercase line

*******Regx replace****

range s/foo/bar/arg - replace foo with bar in ‘range’ with

Values of 'range':
% whole file
number that particular line
none apply to current line only

values of 'arg':
none apply to first occurrence
g global (all occurrences)

qchar start recording macro storing it in register ‘char’
q end recording
@char replay the macro stored in ‘char’
:1,10 norm! @char run the macro stored in ‘char’ over the 1-10 line range

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