Vim editor for ruby on rails development using rails.vim

Vim install On CentOSyum install vim-enhancedVim install on Ubuntu machineInstall vim-full using commandapt-get install vimWhile coding with ruby, html, erb, haml, js and stylesheets.It is great pain to indent code. Using rails vim one can easilykeep code always indented.This increases code readability and minimizes effort, bugs andfinally proves ease of using vim editor.rails.vim script contains … Continue reading Vim editor for ruby on rails development using rails.vim

Get hand over VI / VIM editor

Movementsb previous wordw next worde end of word0/^ begining of line$ end of lineG end of file1G/gg begining of file/pattern search next?pattern search previousn repeat search forword ( i.e next occurence )N repeat search backword:line goto line specified *****Modes**** i insert mode r replace mode s delete character under cursor and eneter insert mode *****Delete****** … Continue reading Get hand over VI / VIM editor

vi / vim Shortcuts

Open filevi filenameAs i am newb on linux macine, i dont know vi, i am listing down shortcuts which i am getting familier. :)Insert in fileiExit fileqforced exitq!save filewqforced savewq!Copy no of linesyyPaste copied linesppUndo changesuuDelete linesddTo search and replace string in vi :%s/search_string/replacement_string/gTo find particular word in file?string1If you have any quick list. … Continue reading vi / vim Shortcuts