ruby on rails installation on fresh ubuntu machine

Ruby On Rails Installation on fresh ubuntu machineInstallation steps are applicable to ubuntu versions interpid, karmic koala.Make necessary changes according to package manager provided by other linux operating systems in order install ruby and rails.Before getting started to installations make sure to build essential packageson fresh ubutnu machine. Ubuntu machine has built in apt-get package … Continue reading ruby on rails installation on fresh ubuntu machine

Imagemagick/ RMagick Installation on ubuntu

ImageMagick InstallationUbuntu machine has default apt-get package manager.To install imagemagick following packages needs to be installed.apt-get install imagemagick librmagick-ruby libmagickwand-devRMagick gem installgem install rmagickIf you still facing problems with gem installation, Please look that following packages are installedon your system.dpkg -l | grep libmagickcore-dev graphicsmagick-libmagick-dev-compatIf there are no packages installed then try to install then … Continue reading Imagemagick/ RMagick Installation on ubuntu

Programming ruby Linux basics

Remove svn files inside directoryrm -rf `find . -type d -name .svnSet path in linuxexport PATH=$PATH:/usr/ruby/binHere /usr/ruby/bin is the path to ruby extecuatble.grep and print process pidps -ef | grep search_string | grep -v grep | awk '{print  $2 }'Kill processkill -9 process_id_hereps -ef | grep search_string | grep -v grep | awk '{print  $2 … Continue reading Programming ruby Linux basics

Getting wired and wireless working on ubuntu 9.0.4

It might be the case that earlier wireless was working and then it stopped workingFollow the simple steps here....1. Restart networkingsudo /etc/init.d/networking restart2. Disable the "Support for Atheros 802.11 wireless LAN cards" on system/administration/Hardware Drivers, and reboot your box.3. Restart sudo rebootThat's it, Cheers!Still having problem follow the instructions here

pidgin install and update pidgin messenger on ubuntu interpid

Fresh pidgin Installation sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install pidginEarlier versions of pidgin has problem in connecting yahoo messenger which is solved in newer versions.In order to update old version of pidgin, simply follow instructions written below and you are done.New version provides video and voice chat, also buddy icon improvements are added.Add GPG key … Continue reading pidgin install and update pidgin messenger on ubuntu interpid

Linux commands for remote access, compress, decompress

Remote Login============ssh client is a program for logging into remote machine and execute commands.ssh [-l login_name ] hostname | user@hostname [command ]other optionsssh [-afgknqstvxACNTX1246 ] [-b bind_address ] [-c cipher_spec ] [-e escape_char ] [-i identity_file ] [-l login_name ] [-m mac_spec ] [-o option ] [-p port ] [-F configfile ] [-L port host hostport ] [-R … Continue reading Linux commands for remote access, compress, decompress