Generating dynamic QR codes in Rails using Rjb

When I started looking for gems which generate QR code in ruby I found "rqrcode" which generates only HTML code which was not useful to me. I wanted the QR code image so I looked at "qr4r" but here we can not customize the color, background color etc,  so I decided to write my own code … Continue reading Generating dynamic QR codes in Rails using Rjb

Imagemagick/ RMagick Installation on ubuntu

ImageMagick InstallationUbuntu machine has default apt-get package manager.To install imagemagick following packages needs to be installed.apt-get install imagemagick librmagick-ruby libmagickwand-devRMagick gem installgem install rmagickIf you still facing problems with gem installation, Please look that following packages are installedon your system.dpkg -l | grep libmagickcore-dev graphicsmagick-libmagick-dev-compatIf there are no packages installed then try to install then … Continue reading Imagemagick/ RMagick Installation on ubuntu