Vim editor for ruby on rails development using rails.vim

Vim install On CentOS

yum install vim-enhanced

Vim install on Ubuntu machine

Install vim-full using command

apt-get install vim

While coding with ruby, html, erb, haml, js and stylesheets.
It is great pain to indent code. Using rails vim one can easily
keep code always indented.

This increases code readability and minimizes effort, bugs and
finally proves ease of using vim editor.

rails.vim script contains lot of syntax highlighter and indentation
plugins that really helps development needs.

If you have git installed then clone it under .vim directory of your profile

git clone git:// ~/.vim

To install from zip file download & extract it inside ~/.vim directory

download link:

wget /rails.vim 

This is how my editor looks like

Open your ~/.bashrc and at the bottom add:
alias vi=vim
export EDITOR=vim

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