Accessing View Helpers & Routes in Rails Console, Rake Tasks and Mailers

> While looking for accessing rails template tags to be accessed on rails console in order to examine whatever written needs to be correct, found that – rails template tags can be tested on rails console using helper objectmodule ApplicationHelper def display_amount(amount) number_to_currency amount, :precision => 0 end endHelpers on rails consolerails c>> helper.text_field_tag :name,Continue reading “Accessing View Helpers & Routes in Rails Console, Rake Tasks and Mailers”

Monitor Delayed Job in rails

>Delayed Job & Monit configuration We were struggling through how to monit delayed_job from past few months because monit doesn’t work seamlessly with delayed_job start/stop commands and finally we got able to monit delayed_job. Here is our old configuration that wasn’t working anyhow- After doing google & looking at stackoverflow, we found different solutions toContinue reading “Monitor Delayed Job in rails”

Getting started with rails 3 & postgres database

>Rails 3 Installationsudo gem install rails -v3.0.4postgres as db installationbr/$ sudo apt-get install postgresqlRails 3 App with postgres as database$ rails new pg -d postgresbundle installationIt will install dependency gems & postgres adapter for db connectionbundle installHere by default ‘postgres’ database user gets created while installation but i recommend to create new db user withContinue reading “Getting started with rails 3 & postgres database”