Migrating an existing deployment to Heroku

It was fun — pure unadulterated fun!! Now, I started looking at heroku since our current deployment on a linode was getting a little bulky. Our client has been complaining of ‘suddenly things slowing down’ and ‘site not working’. The site is used at a hit rate of 36 Requests per minute and we needContinue reading “Migrating an existing deployment to Heroku”

Moving from backgrounDrb to DelayedJob

In my earlier post regarding DelayedJob setup I mentioned how to setup DelayedJob and create news tasks in your existing code. This post provides details of how to move from backgrounDrb to delayed_job. First of all its important to know why ? – BackgroundDrb takes in a lot of memory. It spawns worker at start-up.Continue reading “Moving from backgrounDrb to DelayedJob”

Delayed_job for background processing in Rails

*update: delayed-job is now available on gemcutter* The first thing to do obviously is to install DelayedJob. There are plenty of forked versions available on git-hub. I chose collectiveidea beacuse it was recommend on railscasts. I did refer to this site extensively for setting up delayed_job. Job half done. I followed instructions on the githubContinue reading “Delayed_job for background processing in Rails”