10 steps to get start with MySpace Ruby SDK

Follow 10 simple steps in order to use myspace sdk api1. Remove all your previous gems installed+ gem uninstall myspace2. Checkout sample source codesvn checkout http://myspaceid-ruby-sdk.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ myspacesdk3. cd myspacesdk/samples/rails/sample4. Modify config/database.yml accordinglydevelopment:adapter: mysqldatabase: sample_developmentpassword: abcdpool: 5timeout: 50005. Download http://myspaceid-ruby-sdk.googlecode.com/files/myspaceid-sdk-0.1.11.gem6. gem install --local ~/Desktop/myspaceid-sdk-0.1.11.gem i.e.PATH_TO_GEM7. Above command supposed to give you following error otherwise skip to … Continue reading 10 steps to get start with MySpace Ruby SDK