Understanding and creating radinat extensions

Understanding and creating radinat extensionsTo start with, first of all lets know what is radiant and why to use it ?Radiant is a open source content management system designed that serves cms needs forsmall organisationsCreating new radint application radiant -d mysql cms create create CHANGELOG create CONTRIBUTORS create INSTALL create LICENSE create README create config … Continue reading Understanding and creating radinat extensions

Cucumber Configuration with Radiant

Configuring cucumber with Radiant Application: The command  > ruby script/generate cucumber does not succeed in case of Radiant application. Issues encountered: The command  >ruby script/generate cucumber cannot be executed. It gives error “Couldn’t find ‘cucumber’ generator” Possible reason & solution: Seems that this is because Radiant Application does not use generator and looks for generators … Continue reading Cucumber Configuration with Radiant

Multiple sites hosting using radiant cms

There are almost 4 to 5 simple steps you need to followed before getting multiple sites working using radiant cms 1. Setup radiant cms first Install radiant gem sudo gem install radiant set 'radiant' under path export PATH=$PATH:/var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/radiant-0.8.0/bin Now, we have done with radiant installation. Let's create new project.. $ radiant multisite -d mysql $ … Continue reading Multiple sites hosting using radiant cms